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Ghostly Stare
Ghostly Stare
Season 1
Episode number 7
Airdate January 29, 2011
Written by Jack Manaco
Directed by Neill Fearnley
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"The Red Dress" "Walls"
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"Ghostly Stare" is the seventh episode in season 1 of The Haunting Hour. It first aired on January 29, 2011.


Lauren and Mark go to a cemetery about to be razed for a mini-mall to collect some gravestone shadings -- and soon learn that some spirits refuse to stay dead, when Mark falls in an empty grave and turns into a ghost.


  • Jason Spevack as Mark
  • Emma Grabinsky as Lauren
  • Kirsten Robek as Alice
  • Marcus Hondro as Wormy Ghost
  • Darren Moore as Headless Ghost
  • Nicole Lissner as Lauren Stunt Double

Video GalleryEdit


R.L. Stine The Haunting Hour S1E7 Ghostly Stare (1-2)

Part 1


R.L. Stine The Haunting Hour S1E7 Ghostly Stare (2-2)

Part 2

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